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About Dorema Title
In today's competitive markets manufacturers must invest in design and technology to stay ahead of its competitors. Dorema products are carefully selected for each segment of the market, then each model is subject to rigorous testing and development by a team of dedicated technicians, so that you can be assured that you are purchasing a fully developed top quality awning that will give many years of reliable service.
Dorema Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Dorema have always placed a high priority on customer satisfaction, both with the quality of their awnings and the service they provide to experienced dealers. Dorema state that,

'Our objective is that you receive the very best in service and satisfaction, both when purchasing your new awning and during the lifetime of your purchase.'

'It is our attention to detail in all aspects of the awning production that makes owning a Dorema awning something extra special. We hope that you will be just as proud of your new Dorema awnings as we are to produce and service a top quality product.'

Dorema Quick Lock Profile
Dorema Quick Lock Profile

All Dorema awnings and some Sun Canopies have the Quick Lock Profile as a standard feature.

The Quick Lock profile is sewn into the roof of the awning next to the beading. Used in conjunction with the optional Quick Lock pads you are able to avoid screwing clips into your new caravan, so avoiding any potential panel damage.

Quick Lock pads are extremely simple to use. Just attach the Quick Lock pad onto the profile in the position most suitable for your caravan. Insert the roof poles into the Quick Lock pad, tension the roof poles to give you the optimum tension. Quick Lock pads are quick and simple to use and are recommended for all types of modern caravans.

Dorema Safe Lock Kit

All Dorema awnings, porches and motor annexes will be fitted with this new advanced storm system. The system comprises of two parts, part one is the Safe Lock clip which is sewn into the roof of the awning, part two is the optional storm strap and spring system.

Used together they provide extra protection for the awning in severe weather conditions. This latest development in awning security eliminates all known problems with other types of storm straps.

Dorema Safe Lock System

Dorema Standard Features
On the Exclusive, Senator Lux, Montana and Vitesse XL there is a central net ventilation panel that can be closed with a zipped panel
All Dorema awnings have the unique ladder straps supplied as standard. These fittings will ensure you obtain a perfect fit every time
The high quality curtains slide on a sewn in plastic track.
Most Dorema awnings have covered zips in matching material for extra protection.

Dorema Quick System Frame

Dorema offers you as an optional extra on most of their models the aluminium Quick System Frame. This ultra light aluminium frame is a totally new concept in frame design at an unbelievable price.

With the development of the Quick System Frame the Dorema design team have turned the complications of erecting a caravan awning into a simple and foolproof task. Each (standard size) frame now consists of only three major sections and three roof support poles. Gone for ever are the problems of missing or loose poles. The new Quick System Frame enables you to have the correct section in the right place every time.

Dorema designers have now eliminated all known problems associated with other types of quick erecting frames; e.g. loss of tension, scratches to the outer surface of the poles, and the use of too many different tube diameters causing weakness in the roof sections

Dorema Quick System Frame
Dorema Quick System Frame Details
Each frame (standard size) now consists of only three major sections and three roof support poles. Each section contains a number of poles that are telescopic or are connected together with a spring system.

The very strong locking clamps provide a strong grip on the frame. The clamps are designed not to damage the outer surface of the frame.

Some frame parts that are not telescopic are connected together with a strong spring. Searching for all the separate parts is now a thing of the past.

Dorema Fibre Tech Fibreglass Frame

The FIBRE TECH frame is a totally new concept in lightweight frame design. Using the latest Pull-Winding technique to weave the fibreglass into a series of layers ensuring a mix of superior strength and flexibility. The finished frame is coated with a layer of lacquer giving the outer surface a tough smooth finish

Beside these special technical features fibreglass is extremely strong, corrosion resistant and completely maintenance free.

All the main frame angles are manufactured in a specially reinforced material that has been designed for maximum strength. The adjusting clamps are simple to adjust in order to obtain maximum tension.

Dorema Fibre Tech Fibreglass Frame
Dorema Fibre Tech Fibreglass Details
Strong adjusting clamp for maximum tension.
(far left)

Reinforced frame angle in a modern design.
(near left)

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